Surf Yoga

Paloma Chavez

surfyoga.jpg There is yoga for seniors, yoga for youth, yoga for athletes, and now yoga for board sports. Yoga for Surfers, a website specializing in producing DVDs on yoga for people involved in water-based sports, has now introduced Yoga for Board Sports, which offers yoga poses for flexibility and balance.

The DVD is divided into two sessions: Pre-Ride Warm-Up and Post-Ride Recovery, with an additional five-minute meditation session. The pre-ride session offers revitalizing stretches and the post-ride session focuses on poses that will help you get the “kinks” out of your body. By combining these two sessions, you’ll find that you’re ready to get back on your board again the very next day.

Yoga for Board Sports will support you in becoming more flexible and balanced by improving your strength and focus on the board.

Experience the ultimate goal of this exciting DVD, which is to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of your ride!

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