Category: Thoughtful Yoga

Considerations and ponderings while conducting your daily practice.

Edamame Fix!

Francesca Silva
I have a new food passion – Edamame! For someone who loves Japanese food, I didn’t even know they existed until recently, when I tried some at my cousin’s house. It was love at first taste. (more…)
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Mumsie Day

Francesca Silva
How many times have you heard it? Or, for that matter, how many times have you said it? “I’m so busy that I can hardly find time in the day to do anything I really want to do.” Well, I’m guilty – I say that all the time. “I’m so busy…I’m so busy…I’m so busy….” For goodness sake, it’s turning into my mantra! (more…)
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Balancing Act

Christina Souza Ma
How funny that lately my flow of thought continues to be about balance. This whole month of July has just swept by, filled with the illusions of life that surrounded every situation and moment. The illusions have flowed like dreams, from one scenario to another. Like a river as the water trips and falls over stones and boulders, never knowing where it is going to end up. That was my month...
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Awesome New Camera!

Francesca Silva
My husband surprised me the other day by buying me a brand new digital camera for our anniversary. I’d been bleating at him for ages about getting a “proper” camera rather than a “point-and-shoot” as I’ve always had an interest in photography but find the basic digital ones limited n what they can do. (more…)
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Manners – or Lack Thereof

Francesca Silva
A few weeks ago, I read that Elizabeth Post, aka the current “Miss Manners,” had passed away at the age of 89. Elizabeth was the granddaughter-in-law of Emily Post, the original “Miss Manners,” whose book “Etiquette” was originally published in 1922 and is currently in its 17th edition. (more…)
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Not A Patient Patient!

Francesca Silva
Okay, it’s official – I’m a lousy patient. Even though I was feeling so ill a couple of weeks ago that I could barely make it out of bed, I still managed to drive my poor hubby up the wall and round the bend. First, my pillows were too hard…then too soft… Then I wasn’t comfortable because my sheets were all crumpled (the fact that I had crumpled them...
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Ocean Breezin’

Christina Souza Ma
Well a good beginning of getting R & R. Why does it always seem so difficult to unwind? It must be from years of being on the go. You would think that I could just flop down on the bed and sleep for days. Well that’s sometimes what I wish I could to do to recover from the flurry of my business and life. But no, it’s truly a very...
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“Enough is Enough” Says My Body

Christina Souza Ma
family-vacation.jpgThese past months have been so hectic - presenting our “Gift of Yoga” promotion, interacting with our community, working on clients’ projects, keeping a household, and bringing up a two-and-a-half-year old. It’s been non-stop. I was totally spent. I realized this when I couldn’t even remember what I had done a few hours before, or what I needed to do next. My task list didn’t even help. I just stopped being able to...

Yoga, Relatively Speaking!

Francesca Silva
yoga-with-cousins.JPGRecently, my husband and I got together with three of my many cousins and their husbands. We don’t live in the same country so we don’t get together as often as we’d like to. My cousins and I grew up together and spent most of our youth in each other’s company, so there’s a deep connection that many outsiders don’t understand. You know the old saying “you can’t choose your relatives but you...
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