Not A Patient Patient!

Francesca Silva

Okay, it’s official – I’m a lousy patient. Even though I was feeling so ill a couple of weeks ago that I could barely make it out of bed, I still managed to drive my poor hubby up the wall and round the bend.

First, my pillows were too hard…then too soft… Then I wasn’t comfortable because my sheets were all crumpled (the fact that I had crumpled them was not the point, you understand). Then I didn’t want to eat or drink anything because I felt nauseous. Then I was starving but too dizzy to get up and feed myself, so hubby made some delicious soup for me and brought it to me in bed.

And was I grateful? Of course not – I was a royal pain in the you-know-where about the whole thing! After several days of this, I’m not sure who was more fed up with me – my hubby (pin a medal on him, somebody) or me. Yes, it got to the point where even I had had enough of myself!

Now that I’m feeling so much better and am back to my usual cheerful self (ha!), I realize how truly insufferable I was. And yet, in spite of my petulant behavior, hubby was still so patient and caring throughout my illness, bless him.

That man really has the patience of a saint. And – as I constantly remind him – I have obviously been put on this earth for the sole purpose of testing all that patience!

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