Awesome New Camera!

Francesca Silva

My husband surprised me the other day by buying me a brand new digital camera for our anniversary. I’d been bleating at him for ages about getting a “proper” camera rather than a “point-and-shoot” as I’ve always had an interest in photography but find the basic digital ones limited n what they can do.

Well, I love my new “baby!” It’s a Canon PowerShot G11 and it does everything but make coffee (pity – then it really would have been perfect)! I’ve started playing with it and am delighted by its features. It has specific settings for portraits, landscapes, sports, sunsets, night scenes – even underwater shots. The quality of the photos is excellent and – huge bonus for me – I can also adjust the LCD monitor to see what I’m taking. Being short in stature (but large in mouth!), I’ve always been frustrated trying to take photos while standing behind people who are inevitably taller than I am. Well, I can now hold the camera above my head, adjust the monitor, and see what I’m taking…brilliant!

Another great thing about this camera is that I can build on it with zoom lens, wide-angle lens, etc. My hubby thinks that’s wonderful because now he knows what to buy me for future birthdays, which will save him time and energy trying to play the “what she wants me to buy her for her birthday” guessing game!

Oh, just in case you’re thinking it’s all about me, I didn’t forget to buy him an anniversary present – I gave him a new watch that he’s been looking at for quite a while. Unlike the stereotypical accountant, he’s very generous with everyone else but tends not to spend money on himself, so I was very happy to get him something I know he really wanted. We’re both happy campers now…

If any of you are in the market for a new camera, you might want to check this one out: PowerShot G11

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