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My Yoga Diaries – Session 1: Intro Vinyasa

Allistair Santiago
Yoga Diaries 1So today I tried yoga for the first time. It’s been a few hours now but my limbs are still feeling the effects: my legs are wobbly and my arms feel shaky; I'm kind of sore and everything's heavy. Honestly, I haven't had that good a workout in a long time. I also haven't been this exhausted in a long time. However, despite being tired, my muscles feel loose for once and...

Back to a Yoga Class

madoka kasahara
Gold Leaf OmWell, I’m still coughing but am feeling much better than I felt last week. During the weekend, I decided to go back to my regular yoga class so that I could start to build more stamina and align my bones and joints, which were aching from my lying in bed when I had the flu. (more…)
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madoka kasahara
MK_flu_02.11.09.JPGA few weeks ago, I came down with a terrible cold. I hadn’t felt this bad since I was sick with the flu as a kid. I wondered how I’d managed to catch this cold when I’ve always tried to take good care of my health by eating healthy food, including lots of fruits and vegetables, and doing regular exercise such as yoga. (more…)
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My Relaxing To-Do’s

jane dagny
Rain on WindshieldWhen I left work last night, I was prepared for the traffic ahead. I was prepared to sit on the freeway for over an hour before I could get to my comfy home. It’s a typical expectation for someone who works and drives in LA, but what I was not prepared for was the rain. (more…)
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Onward Downward Dog

angie harris
AT_onward-downward-dog_02.04.09.jpgWhy is it that what seems to be a simple pose turns out to be the hardest? Take the mountain pose, for instance: it seems fairly easy enough – or is it? Anyone can just stand there, but I am sure there are a number of smaller, finer details that need to be addressed. I’m assuming the same will go for the other poses too. This past weekend was Super Bowl Sunday. My next door...
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Yoga When Ready

jane dagny
Runner StretchesPeople, in general, do not like being told what to do. “Oh, you’ve got to quit smoking”; “Hey, dude, don’t forget to put the toilet seat down”; “Stop biting your nails”; “Signal before you change lanes”...and the list goes on and on.  I try not to give unsolicited advice to anyone, but when someone starts complaining about aches and pains, I can’t help but to say, “Do yoga”. Continue Reading: Yoga When Ready