A New Outlook on Yoga

angie harris

AT_tibetan-dvd_01.21.09.jpgI decided to do a different style of yoga today called, “Tibetan Heart Yoga.” Before I actually go into reviewing the DVD, I want to talk about the concept of the DVD. Most of the yoga DVDs that I’ve seen focus on the individual yoga practitioner; the self. However, with this particular DVD, it focuses not only on the self, but on someone with whom you choose to share your yoga journey. I think the main concept of this DVD is that by going through your yoga journey and focusing on bringing good energy to the person that you choose, you not only help yourself, but send good energy to help the other person. I thought this to be a different approach to the yoga philosophy that I am accustomed to. 

This particular style of yoga combines the Tibetan philosophy with the art of yoga. From my understanding, some of the poses within the sequence have a Tibetan adjustment to the pose. Unfortunately, I do not know what these adjustments do.

The DVD is far to advanced for me. The workout is approximately 40 minutes long. The six phases of the workout are: beginning meditation (compassion meditation), the yoga workout (the gift of giving), floor exercises one (the gift of kindness), floor exercises two (the gift of patience), floor exercise three (the gift of joy), floor exercise four (the gift of stillness), and shavasana (the gift of wisdom).

While testing the DVD out, I had to stop during the second set of floor stretches because I found it to be quite difficult for my level of yoga. I ended up watching the rest of the DVD to observe the rest of the movements. One downfall of this DVD was that the teacher went too fast. Although the movements were simple, I did not feel that I had enough time to be in the pose before I had to transition out of it. For example, when entering into “Warrior One,” the instructor only held it for about 3 seconds before transitioning out. Another negative aspect of the DVD is that there is no music throughout instruction. I am the type of person, who prefers listening to something when I do yoga, but during the session, there was absolutely no music. So I had to play something on the stereo while I was doing this DVD.

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