Step Up to the Next Level!

madoka kasahara

MK_step-up_01.23.09.jpgWow, I went to a yoga class again…this time, I went to the same class with the same instructor that I’ve been going to since the beginning of 2008. Some people tell me to go explore different studios, classes, and instructors. I would love to do that; it is actually on my list of resolutions for this year, but the main reason I’m going back to the same class is because it is available at the most accessible time for me. However, I’ve noticed surprisingly that I need to step up to the next level!? Now, the reason for me to choose a different course is not a matter of just timing and fitting it into my schedule, it is also because I have outgrown the beginner’s level!

Don’t get me wrong, I love this instructor. I’ve already mentioned that she’s my favorite, and there are still a lot to learn from the beginner’s class. What I like about the current level is that the flow of the beginner class usually moves slowly. I can focus on my postures and challenge myself. Especially because my legs are so tight, I go deeper and deeper and can easily concentrate on myself. This is the benefit of the beginner’s class even though I feel more advanced.

That day, I was able to meditate on my mind and soul, but realized that my body needed more exercise. I need my yoga experience to be more physically challenging, using more muscles rather than stretching at this point, so I’ve decided to go to John Sovec’s class. John is one of our great contributors to YogaHub. Not only does John have a blog with us, our first yoga DVD, The Gift of Yoga, features his instruction. He is teaching Level 1 at Yoga House Pasadena, which I hear will include lots of music and variety.

I am excited to join his class and learn more yoga poses. Stay tuned in!![tags]step-up, next level, level 1, beginner’s class, exercise, yoga instcrutor, john sovec, the gift of yoga, advanced yoga class[/tags]

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