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Outdoor HikingOver the course of just a couple of months, I’ve had some unhappy news, but I’m only going to mention one here because it might help another reader to know that the heavy load you carry may not be one carried alone. Somebody else out there in this big-o world will have similar circumstances. It’s important to take care of yourself and particularly, while you may be concerned for the health and well-being of another person in your life, don’t forget YOU.

A college friend from New York called me, and by the tone of her “Hello”, I knew that she was under a great amount of stress. Her grandmother is not doing well, and she’s been dealing with the hospital and the health care system to make sure that her grandmother is getting the proper care that she needs. This good friend is in a very difficult situation. From the other end of the coast, I was only able to offer a compassionate ear for her distress. Having to visit the hospital often, not receiving much support from direct family members and spending less time at home has put a strain on her marriage.

I suggested she set up a schedule whereby her siblings would make visits to the hospital too, as this would allow her to set aside some time to focus on herself. I’m of the philosophy that if you are not well yourself, you cannot fully help others the same way. I also encouraged her to plan dates with her husband and go out whenever possible in order to balance and not neglect all important relationships. She likes the great outdoors, has taken ballroom dance classes, and practices yoga, so why not do all that with her loved one? Giving herself the opportunity to do these things will help to revitalize her mind and allow her to better manage all the stress that she’s been faced with. I’ll bet her grandma will notice the difference and feel happier seeing that her granddaughter is smiling instead of showing signs of concern over dear old nana.[TAGS]caring for elders, caring for yourself, relax, de-stress, stress, happiness, time for yourself[/TAGS]

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