Category: Benefits of Yoga

Day 9: Too Hot to Think

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_Bikram_day9.jpgFunny what heat does to the mind. Signaling the body to slow down. I feel spacey, which takes even more effort to concentrate. But I also feel a kind of detachment, like you would on a hot summer day. Except it's not the sun on my back, it's the loud blast of a huge metallic heater. (more…)
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Day 8: Continuity in Your Yoga Practice

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_Bikram_day8.jpg"How many people actually complete the full 10 day Bikram program?" I ask my Bikram instructor. "Not many," he replies, "maybe a dozen throughout the year." (Bikram studios offer a 10 day pass for $10 as incentive for new students). Knowing the importance of regularity in a practice, I've always advised my students to focus on developing a steady practice over an intense but sporadic practice. Continue Reading: Day 8: Continuity in Your Yoga Practice