Day 8: Continuity in Your Yoga Practice

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_Bikram_day8.jpgHow many people actually complete the full 10 day Bikram program?” I ask my Bikram instructor. “Not many,” he replies, “maybe a dozen throughout the year.” (Bikram studios offer a 10 day pass for $10 as incentive for new students).

Knowing the importance of regularity in a practice, I’ve always advised my students to focus on developing a steady practice over an intense but sporadic practice.

I am reminded of the wisdom of building a consistent yoga practice during this week of Bikram yoga.Although the Bikram sequence is also physically rigorous, it’s the daily part that has the most profound effect. And I also recognize the brilliance of Bikram’s 10-day for $10 marketing offer- to encourage (very healthy) habit of behaviour – which, once established, will keep you coming back. (But if most people don’t actually do the 10 days, they’re probably only getting the intensity of the workout, which can also discourage people from continuing. Hmm, wonder how successful this offer really is?)

For another take on the yoga habit-forming issue: my sister also recently blogged about her experience of sticking with a 28-day streak of daily yoga at her local Sivananda Center in Chennai.

Read her humorous descriptions of the obstacles and adventures in finally signing up for yoga classes!

10 Days with Bikram Yoga

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