Day 5: Yoga Teachers in Bikram

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_Bikram_day5.jpgA good yoga class still depends on the teacher. No matter that they all have the same “script,” their insights and energy is what carries the class.

In my 10-day Bikram yoga adventure, I’ve had 5 classes with 5 different teachers and although the order of the sequences is identical and the timing the same to the minute, the mood permeating the class is the one factor that changes. And this I can only attribute to the teacher and his or her intention.

The advantage of having such a predictable, airtight script is that it gives students a good structure. I’ve attended (non-Bikram) yoga classes where the teacher’s sequences were so random that it created a confusing and (no pun intended) dis-jointed, often painful session. In Bikram you know what to expect, for how long and that you will get all 26 yoga postures during the 90 minute session.

So the only variable beyond Bikram’s control is who the teacher is and what they bring into class. Because they act more as a “voice” their focus and care for the students is felt even more than in a regular class where you might experience more physical interaction.
Earlier I stated that I did not see any extra help offered to beginners. I have indeed seen this in recent session. And I admire that the teachers can do it and still keep the timing of the class accurate.

So although the Bikram script perhaps eliminates some of the ego-driven celebrity type of yoga teaching (except of course for Mr. Bikram’s celebrity status!) that creates weird mini-fiefdoms, it still depends on the teacher. We’re not just listening to a recording of Bikram’s instructions, we are receiving a teaching.

10 Days with Bikram Yoga

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  1. Stephen L says:

    Informative article! Thanks for taking your time to write this, as I found it very interesting! I really love practicing yoga because it has seriously helped me open my mind and my body!

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