Your Light Returns

Anatara Buckley

As far as the sun knows, it is now giving us, the inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere, a little more light every day. Every day will have a few more minutes of sunlight than the previous one.

I wonder if we notice this.

Do you notice this subtle change each day?
Or do you realize at some point that the sun is setting later than it was a month earlier?

Becoming aware of the subtle changes around us, as with the sun’s movement north, is a perfect reference point for an understanding of the amount of attention we apply to all things. What kinds of change attract your attention?

Do you notice changes in your family members, or with your friends? Do you notice a new sign on the street, or that the trees are starting to bud in late winter?
Do you notice changes in your mood, your health, your desires, your appearance?

What things stand out for you when they shift and change?

When you notice a change, does it feel harmonious to you or discordant?
Do some changes please you while others are disturbing?

If you like, make a short list of some of the things that you see change and how you perceive these changes. Notice how you feel about these things. Notice whether you become more centred, or are thrown off balance by certain events and things changing.

There are clues in your feelings about change, that describe you as an individual.
As you become aware of change, and of the ebb and flow of your life, it can be easy to see where you hold onto things that you don’t really need anymore.

The sun’s light diminished for us, and it is now returning.
Changes occurred in our lives, which have either diminished our brightness or brought us into a state of greater light and well being.

Which is it for you?

Let the sun’s return signal the return of your own light.

Is there anything that you want, or need to do to live in a ‘brighter’ way?
Shine away, this is what we are all here to do!

Blessings for a fantastic new year of Light!

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    Author: Anatara Buckley

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