Yoga in Ghana

Paloma Chavez

krisha1.27.jpgThe International Association of Black Yoga Teachers is a membership based organization that provides access to the practice of yoga with a pointed interest in serving the  African Diaspora as well as other communities. In recent years their dedication has taken them to supporting the efforts of local yoga practioners in Ghana.

In Spring 2008 the organization, lead by Krishna Kaur will be returning to Ghana to work with the men and women who are committed to becoming yoga teachers for their communities. 

In the documentary, A Thousand Mile Journey, from a previous visit, the excitement and appreciation of the students for the arrival of Krishna Kaur and the team is enlightening.

As they continue to increase their efforts to provide training and encouragement they are in need of donations  in order to provide yoga supplies (yoga mats, books, and clothing) to the eager and inspiring yoga students in Ghana.

To lend your support you can visit Association of Black Yoga Teachers website for contact information.

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  1. Lupe says:

    Yes, yes yes. Africa is the birthplace of humanity. Yoga deserves to be there and utilized for great energy.
    Please see our website for other sharings of African culture.

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