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Christina Souza Ma
Baby and Mommy

This was my first experience at Mission Street Studio, which focuses on Anusara Yoga. When I arrived, it was wonderful to be greeted by one of the owners, Mara. I was running a bit late, but she was very welcoming and supportive when I rushed in with my little one. I really dislike being late for a class as I feel like I may have disrupted any flow of energy that has begun. In this case, however, I was thankful to learn that the instructor had also been stuck in traffic.

Mission Street Yoga has two studios, one larger and one smaller. The “Baby & Me” yoga class took place in the smaller of the two studios, which is a long narrow space. This studio has been around for five years and is located in a lovely area of South Pasadena of California, where you could easily grab a drink or a bite to eat within a block of its location.

There were ten other mothers with their babies in attendance, which is the largest group of mothers and babies that I have encountered so far. The instructor was an energetic young woman by the name of Jennifer Defillipo. She interacted with all the children wonderfully. Unfortunately, it was sometimes a little difficult to hear her, but that was only because of the socializing of our little ones.

This class is centered on the parents (I say parents because it was lovely to see a daddy there too) and their workout. Jennifer kept a close eye on our alignment and assisted us whenever she felt it was necessary. She was good at using one of us as an example for some of the more complex yoga poses.

For the babies, this class is a social event. My son doesn’t get to socialize much with other kids most days, so this social time was very good for him.

Overall, it was a good yoga class. However, I don’t think I would recommend it for parents who have never experienced yoga before. Although I felt it was a good level one class, it was difficult to concentrate fully on our own alignment during the poses because we always had to have an eye on our little ones. Also, there’s always so much happening in the room, which could be a little disorienting for a beginner.

On the whole, I enjoyed my “Baby & Me” yoga class at this Studio and would recommend it to parents who are more experienced in the practice of yoga.

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