Yoga Asana Championships

Paloma Chavez

yogachampionship.jpg“Competition is the foundation for all democratic societies. For without ‘Competition’, there is no democracy.” Bikram Choudhury

The 5th International Yoga Asana Championships will be taking place this coming week at the LAX Westin Hotel. Participants from around the world will gather to demonstrate a series of compulsory asanas and two personally selected by the participant all within 3 minutes.  The adult division are required to present the asanas: Standing-Head-to-Knee, Standing Bow Pulling Pose, Bow Pose, Rabbit Pose, Stretching Pose which all come from the work of Patanjali. The Youth Division is required to present four asanas with an additional two of their choosing.

Events begin on Saturday at 10am for the U.S. Finals with the International Championships starting on Sunday at 10am.  The event kicks off with at a Gala Party on Friday at 8pm also at the hotel. The public is invited and there is no admission to attend either the Gala or the Championships.

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