Holistic Rejuvenation

Paloma Chavez

gmevent.jpgThis last weekend in Los Angeles, the Golden Bridge hosted the New Earth’s event “Good Medicine” On behalf of YogaHub I attended the event along with the local Yoga MeetUp group.

I had not yet attended any events at the center, so I was really looking forward to this day. This was a rejuvenating first experience.

The Golden Bridge sits on a side street off of a busy Hollywood corner. As you entered the center, tables of welcoming representatives of New Earth and a streaming line of excited participants created a warm first impression.
Once registered you were led into an open space that was filled with natural light and sweet spicy aromas. The wooden floors (you had to remove your shoes) were filled with tables of natural remedies, products, vegan food samples and more. The next room is where everyone was eagerly awaiting. With your entrance fee you were given the opportunity to receive 15-20 minute treatments from acupuncture, chiropractic, cranioosacral massage, Mongolian skin rolling and holistic nutrition practioners. What an amazing experience and a time to allow yourself to learn something new about your body and holistic treatments.

And in individual rooms there were workshops on QuiGong, Tantic Breathing, Vocal Freedom and Ayurveda along with many more. Music played uninterrupted throughout the day with over 10 musical artists who each added a meditative mood to the environment.

It was a day filled with light, good teachers, generous healers and peaceful energy.

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