Yoga and Sleep

Margaret Kruszewska

yoga and sleepSleep is the best medicine. (And I don’t mean the medicated kind, despite the annoying pop-up ads that may find their way onto this web site. My apologies, I have no control over these ad searches but I repeat I do not advocate use of sleeping pills.) Even though we’re still not quite sure what happens during the sleep state, we know when we’ve gotten enough sleep to feel healthy.

I remembered a yoga student of mine, whose schedule was typically overbooked, asking if she should take a double class one day because she felt so tired. I told her to go home and go to sleep instead. She reported back that, although she thought it was a strange suggestion from a yoga teacher, she followed my advice and felt like a new person in the morning.

Yoga can’t replace sleep. Although the final relaxation that you may be guided into at the end of a well thought out class may recharge you (my teachers used to claim that a five minute savasana was equal to a four hour nap); it is not deep sleep. The kind of sleep that allows your body to repair and sooth itself and wander amongst dreams and spirit guides without effort.

-Margaret “saraswati”

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