But is Yoga Aerobic Enough?

Margaret Kruszewska

Saw an interesting report on 20/20 this week that questions the whole emphasis on aerobics in health training programs. Seems it really doesn’t do anything for losing weight and puts much stress on joints, muscles and even on our immune system.

Well I have to admit I’ve never been a member of the “runner’s club” (I did occasionally enjoy running barefoot on the beach but when I tried joining my boyfriend on his daily runs through the streets of Manhattan I had to stop and tell him that I would only run like that again if someone was chasing me-luckily that never happened!) And mind you, I was briefly a track and field gal in my teens, and pretty good at the broad jumps!

But I’ve never experienced a runner’s high, treadmills bored me and gyms made me feel like I was in a massive machinery traffic jam.

This report suggests that the only way to go is with weight-training. I don’t agree but I can make a good case here for yet another reason yoga works.

Yoga gives us both a steady massage for the heart (what you feel in the inverted poses) and we use our own body weight to strengthen and tone key muscles groups (just try doing the popular downward dog for a week without noticing your upper muscles growing).

And of course that’s just talking physiology. There’s all the other benefits that you can experience: learning relaxation techniques, working with breath, and of course, peace and good will to all!

-Margaret “saraswati”

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  1. Basia says:

    When exactly does the peace and good will to all kick in? ;o)

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