The Gift of Yoga

Allistair Santiago

gift-of-yoga.jpgToday I thought I’d DQ something different, to borrow a phrase from the beloved dairy chain. Circumstances conspired this week – what with helping three friends move on the same weekend – to make it exceedingly difficult to attend one of the Yin sessions at the studio. In my infinite cunning, however, I remembered my copy of The Gift of Yoga, YogaHub’s very first yoga DVD.

I admit it, when it was given to me, my interest and involvement with yoga was zero. I never got around to checking it out. For that I’m sorry to those of you whose blood and sweat went into producing it. I think you know who you are.

But times have changed, and in this busy week, the DVD proved a godsend.

Before I go on, however, I’d like to begin by congratulating Christina and Segovia on a commendable production. I’m impressed, truth be told (a late compliment, I know, but a compliment nonetheless). I would also like to commend John Sovec on creating an engaging yet accessible and non-threatening workout for us hopeless cases.

The Gift of Yoga is a beginner’s instructional DVD detailing a 30 minute workout. It was similar to the Intro Vinyasa classes I attended some months ago but less gruelling and discouraging. It started with seated poses and stretches, then warmed up to standing poses and down-dogs. All really basic stuff; nothing I hadn’t seen before. Though I was still sweating and a little shaky by the end (sad, I know), I felt like this was something I could improve on.

You see, more and more it’s occurring to me that my flexibility is nil. I can’t do forward bends to save my life. I can’t raise my arms above my head without compressing my shoulders painfully. And my hips often don’t allow the kind of mobility required of simple seated poses. Often I shake or twitch. It’s embarrassing.

Doing yoga from home, however, made it a little simpler. Being self-conscious by nature, I assume most people are judgmental – and negatively so. Practicing John’s routine in the comfort of my basement a few times a week might bring my flexibility up and make the studio sessions easier. At least, that’s the new plan.

We’ll see how this goes, really. But for now, I found the DVD liberating and moderately enjoyable. This may just be a way to continue yoga without getting intensely discouraged.[tags]gift of yoga, John Sovec, yoga DVD, yoga at home, beginners, DVD for yoga practitioner[/tags]

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