Yoga on A Long Flight

Francesca Silva

yoga-on-flight.jpgBy the time you read this blog, my husband and I will be on our Mediterranean cruise – bliss.

But before even boarding the cruise ship, we have to contend with a nine-hour flight to Frankfurt and another two-hour one to Rome, where we’ll pick up our cruise. Ugh (to the flight, not the cruise).

Being a white-knuckle flyer, to say that I am not looking forward to this part of our trip is an understatement. I firmly believe that if God meant us to fly, he’d have given us wings! I hate flying – the take-off, the landing (I always plant my feet firmly on the floor of the plane to “help” the pilot land!) and all the parts in between. And when the turbulence starts – oh help. It’s the only time in my life when I get very, very quiet. My husband says that’s why he likes to fly with me – he can actually get a word in!

This time, however, I intend to be prepared. I remember reading one of Christina’s blogs where she mentioned how she had focused on calming her energies with some yoga breathing techniques and stretching exercises during a flight.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to ask Christina to recommend some breathing and stretching exercises so that I can calm myself down and perhaps even sleep en route. Now that would be wonderful. My husband can fall asleep even before the plane takes off – although he wakes up pretty quickly when I grab hold of his hand in a vice-like grip during take-offs and landings!

It’s going to be interesting to see what type of yoga I can do in the restricted space of an airline seat – and what kind of reaction I’m going to get from my husband. I suspect he won’t complain at all if it means he can keep his hand from being broken!
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