Still the Tsunami

Christina Souza Ma

planet.jpgIt’s an incredible time on this planet…in the universe.

Time is moving faster and faster, days go by with the blink of an eye. It’s never been quite like this before. I hear from several mentors that it will just become faster. Individuals will either learn to flow with it or spin out of control.

The more the days move forward, the more I am focused on my yoga practice with my team. Daily – well, almost daily – from Monday to Friday, we make it a point to have a session. Not for one moment in the past three weeks have we even thought of not rolling out our mats. That tells me a lot about how the practice has grounded each of us. As busy as we are with all these deadlines, we still make the time to practice. Although it cuts into our day by an hour, I feel that the time spent is worthwhile as we have become so much more productive.

The practice. I thank the wonderful support of those in the community for supporting my fears of leading a session. These past weeks, I have felt myself connecting my practice to my heart instead of to my fears. This is my passion – supporting the body, mind and spirit. Allowing myself to be honest and to share that authenticity with others.

Most of all, it’s a wonderful experience to share this with the core of individuals who spend most of the day with me. My community, my team, my family.

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Author: Christina Souza Ma

Christina has lived many lives – from professional Cosmetologist, L’Oreal’s Technical Commercial Director of South East Asia, Hair and Make-up designer behind the camera, to Actor and Body worker. Many years ago, Christina had a vision to create an entity that would

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