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avatar2.jpgOver the weekend I had a chance to see Avatar, James Cameron’s latest film (if you can even call it that). It is visually epic. First of all, I am not a fan of gimmicky 3D effects. You’ve all seen the “whoa that thing just flew at me from the screen” and it gets old.

However, to watch Avatar in 3D is to really see what is attainable with the 3D format – I felt real depth in what I saw and, most importantly, I became unaware that I was watching a 3D movie. It is that visually engrossing. While the story is very simple and can even seem oversimplified at times, I like the message and perspective of the film. Reconnecting with nature rather than pillaging her for our selfish needs. Realizing that we are connected symbiotically with nature rather than the master of nature.

Let’s move towards that. Highly recommended.

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