Holiday Rumblings

elbert traister

Balloon-Fruit-Cornucopia.jpgSince I was so sick two weeks ago, I spent last week recovering. It truly is a wonderful thing to be healthy, and it’s something that must be constantly striven for because it can disappear in the blink of an eye.

In celebration of my recovery, I hit the gym for the first time in a couple of weeks, and it was tough, though not as tough as I thought it would be.

Part of it might be the fact that I’ve actually dropped a lot of weight in the last six months. I managed to part with 13 pounds, according to my doctor’s visit last week. This has happened without sacrificing much in the way of strength or muscle tone, at least if my last trip to the gym is any indication. This means my diet worked, and I’m ready to ramp up the calories again. Just in time for all the holiday feasts! Of course, I can’t be totally indulgent lest I undo all my recent hard work.

Also, now is the time to start brainstorming about possible New Year’s Resolutions. There can’t be too many. Otherwise, I will just fail at all of them. I’m thinking maybe punctuality, resuming my martial arts training, or something else…. The first two are probably a package deal. Doing the second without the first is a no bueno situation.

Presents are another holiday detail. Does anyone know where to get good chocolates or fruit basket type stuff? All ideas are welcome!

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