Category: Yoga for Healing Injuries

Yoga for Healthier Bones

Margaret Kruszewska
Just talked to one of my sisters about her concerns with joint and bone density issues as we age, especially for women. She hates gyms and especially hates any exercises with machines and weights. I don't blame her as I never took to the gym atmosphere either. But weight bearing exercises are important in order to maintain muscle tone that supports our bones. (more…)
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Yoga to Restore Energy

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_restore-energy.jpgMy body aches after an extended yoga class. I've grown to recognize my own cycles of feeling stronger - and not. Depending on so many factors - rain, fatigue, eating too much or too little, a broken heart, financial worries - my body will hurt and then feel better, no doubt about it. (more…)
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Yoga as Integrative Health

Margaret Kruszewska
MS_integrative-health.JPGI see the term “integrative health” being used more and more. Public Broadcasting Television featured an excellent show on the subject entitled "New Medicine." The idea is that everything in your life contributes to your wellness. (more…)
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