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Yoga on A Cruise Ship

Francesca Silva
yoga-on-ship.jpgWell, I’m back from my Mediterranean cruise – did you miss me? No, I didn’t think so.... My husband and I had a fabulous time and it was just what we needed to reconnect with each other. The ports of call were amazing and the cruise was over before we knew it. As I suspected, we ate our way through most of it but, that said, I managed to keep my weight down – thanks...
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Flexibility Issue: Regroup and Reorganize

Allistair Santiago
flexibility-issue.jpgAt the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm realizing (further) the depth of my flexibility issue. It's time for a new approach. Here's the problem: My flexibility is so poor that I can't approximate even the simplest poses closely enough to improve them. The instructor says "Sit on the ground with your legs out." I can do that. The instructor says "Now lean forward from the hips...

The Gift of Yoga

Allistair Santiago
gift-of-yoga.jpgToday I thought I'd DQ something different, to borrow a phrase from the beloved dairy chain. Circumstances conspired this week - what with helping three friends move on the same weekend - to make it exceedingly difficult to attend one of the Yin sessions at the studio. In my infinite cunning, however, I remembered my copy of The Gift of Yoga, YogaHub's very first yoga DVD. I admit it, when it was given to me,...
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Isn’t Yoga for Old People?

Francesca Silva
AMGT_yoga-for-old_03.03.09.jpgIsn’t yoga only for old people?” With those words, my 12-year-old niece came perilously close to being disowned by me. “Don’t be silly – Auntie Fran’s not old!” This was from my nine-year-old (smarter) niece, who obviously knows how to stay in my good books! (more…)

A Tree in My Kitchen

Paloma Chavez
DC_tree-pose_01.16.09.jpgRecently, I have been feeling the presence of my yoga poses in my daily life. I truly believe that even though we have carved out a time to do a daily practice, whether it is at a studio or in our homes, the shapes of the poses will make themselves known to us at the oddest moments. Take the Tree pose, for instance. I find it simple to do some days, but other days I...
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Chakra Energies around Us Daily

Christina Souza Ma
CSM_Chakra_12.03.08.jpgOn my most recent trip to Vancouver, Canada, something changed. Something changed in me and something changed with me. As we drove to North Vancouver from the airport, it was dusk and it was raining. I was born and raised in Vancouver, but I have lived abroad for many years. Vancouver has always been a beautiful city to me, and yet this time something felt different. Continue Reading: Chakra Energies around Us Daily