A Tree in My Kitchen

Paloma Chavez

DC_tree-pose_01.16.09.jpgRecently, I have been feeling the presence of my yoga poses in my daily life. I truly believe that even though we have carved out a time to do a daily practice, whether it is at a studio or in our homes, the shapes of the poses will make themselves known to us at the oddest moments.

Take the Tree pose, for instance. I find it simple to do some days, but other days I fall over just thinking about it!

But the other day, when I was standing doing dishes (piles of them during the holidays) my foot began to slowly inch its way up my leg. I didn’t let on that I knew it was happening (too much attention makes it nervous!) but I used the counter to pull my body straight and, within a few moments, there I was – a vision of “tree-ness”! A little wobbly at first, but I naturally began to strengthen and pull my posture up from the slumping I was experiencing. My head lifted from the wilting suds and before me was the view of my garden. And at just that moment, the wind was wildly lifting the last golden and red leaves from the almost barren trees.

It was breathtaking and joyous – and a good reason to leave the dishes soaking while I went outside to be a part of the fun.

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