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Moon Salutations

Megan Mcdonough
I’m looking at the moon more often these days (or should I say nights?). And it’s all because of Laura Cornell. It was my privilege to host Laura and eight other speakers in a preview event for the upcoming Virtual Yoga Conference. During her session, Laura introduced some of the postures and the theory behind the Moon Salutations. (more…)
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Prime Cut

Glenn Wollman
In the future, medical science may eliminate the need for surgery. However, we happen to exist in the present and surgery is still a very important treatment modality for various human conditions. My guess is that many of you will have one or more surgical procedures in your lifetime. Surgery is a team effort. The surgical team does its part in preparing through education and training. But how are you preparing?...
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Mental Magic

Megan Mcdonough
This morning I woke up fuzzy and with a headache. I slept well last night, but I felt hung-over. No, it wasn’t because I had overindulged at a wild party. It’s been a long time since I’ve attended anything that could be classified as “wild”. I’m fast asleep before anything remotely resembling wildness starts. The reason for this hangover was a little less spectacular. I’m cutting down on sugar. Again. Continue Reading: Mental Magic