Moon Salutations

Megan Mcdonough

I’m looking at the moon more often these days (or should I say nights?). And it’s all because of Laura Cornell.

It was my privilege to host Laura and eight other speakers in a preview event for the upcoming Virtual Yoga Conference. During her session, Laura introduced some of the postures and the theory behind the Moon Salutations.

Her full workshop, called “Moon Salutations: Awakening the Healing Wisdom of the Feminine”, will be held during YogaHub’s Virtual World Conference from February 8-12, 2011. The doors are now open. Go check it out.

Many people are familiar with the Sun Salutations—that active, invigorating series of postures most often done in the morning to awaken and enliven energy. But the Moon Salutations are quieter, more subtle. That particular flow is a tribute to the feminine energy in us all.

Each night, and during the day when it’s visible, I now notice the moon. It is constantly changing. To my eyes, it seems to come and go, although I know it’s always there. I trust that it’s there even when I can’t see it.

The moon is a good metaphor for the Divine. Sometimes I feel very connected to Source, comfortable and secure in our relationship. Other times I feel isolated and disconnected. That disconnection usually happens when I get too busy to even say hello to the Divine.

Like the moon, I just sometimes forget to look.

The moon (and the Divine) has a pull and an effect on our life, even if we don’t take the time to notice it.

What can you unequivocally trust to be there for you, even if you can’t see or feel it, or you forget it’s there? How does that trust affect your thoughts and actions?

May you know that the sun is always shining, even on rainy days. May you know that the moon is ever-present, even when it’s dark and silent. May you have a sense of presence that fills you every time you need filling up.

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Author: Megan Mcdonough

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  1. Brenda Natal says:

    Hi Megan….so funny I found you while I was surfing the web. I love moon salutations and not many teachers do them! I signed up for the virtual conference this year. I hope you have a great holiday!!!
    Namaste, Brenda

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