Mental Magic

Megan Mcdonough

This morning I woke up fuzzy and with a headache. I slept well last night, but I felt hung-over. No, it wasn’t because I had overindulged at a wild party. It’s been a long time since I’ve attended anything that could be classified as “wild”. I’m fast asleep before anything remotely resembling wildness starts. The reason for this hangover was a little less spectacular. I’m cutting down on sugar.


Halloween spurred me into action. What sick, twisted mind came up with the idea that giving away a gazzilion little chocolate bars to sugar-crazed kids (and parents) was a good way to celebrate? Of course I do my duty and get a bag just in case any kids ever come to our house in the boonies (they never do). That bag gets eaten before Halloween, so I get another. If there is candy in the house, it somehow mysteriously shows up in my hand, all unwrapped and ready to go. At which point I, of course, pop it into my mouth.

It’s the Halloween curse…

So again I find myself needing to interrupt the sugar cycle of craving, overeating, feeling lousy. Sugar likes to take advantage of me. Maybe I’ll conquer the sugar sickness some day and leave for good. For today, though, I’ll be happy with maintaining a healthy boundary.

I decided to make myself a cup of tea called “Mental Magic” to rid myself of the sugar withdrawal brain fuzz. I steeped a whole pot. Later, a friend asked if the tea was working. I opened my eyes wide in surprise saying, “Oh, yeah, I forgot to pour it!

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