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Lighten Up!

Francesca Silva
As I mentioned in my last blog, last year was a tough one. I’ve decided, however, that this year is going to be one of joy and laughter. I’m going to celebrate life. I’m going to get rid of all the negativity that’s inside me. I’m going to lighten up and have fun! So are you with me? (more…)
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Affirmation of Life

Francesca Silva
Well, that last year whipped by so quickly that it just about gave me whiplash! It was a tough year. We had some personal health challenges and lost dear, close friends, both of whom were only in their late 40’s and early 50’s. One loss was quite unexpected and left us feeling bereft, reeling from the shock. (more…)
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Francesca Silva
Okay, after acquainting myself painfully with a brick wall a few weeks ago and wallowing in self-pity for a while, I decided it was time to snap out of it. I hate feeling sorry for myself; it’s so boring and tedious – not only for myself but also for everyone who has to put up with me. (more…)
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Mass Transit

Glenn Wollman
Einstein proposed that Energy equals Mass at the speed of light (squared). However, Energy may not equal mass, especially at the speed of life (one second per second). This conclusion came to me while I was attending a funeral Mass for my friend, a Franciscan Monk. (more…)
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Watching A Generation Go By

Christina Souza Ma
Recently, my 91-year old uncle had another mild heart attack. My favorite uncle is finally moving toward his transition and, although he is now back home again, he’s alone. Yes, he still lives alone and does not want anyone to be there with him. What a generation he comes from – strong and stubborn. But is that generational or is it just who he is? Continue Reading: Watching A Generation Go By