Category: Yoga and Community

Fleeting Moments

Christina Souza Ma
Time continues to fly by at a blink of an eye. Yes, many of you understand what is happening Universally. How everything is speeding up. How everything is so intense. (more…)
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Caring for the Caregiver

Francesca Silva
As mentioned in my previous blog, there have been slow but sure changes in Mumsie lately. I guess I didn’t really realize how stressful it was until, after one particularly tiring day mostly spent bickering with Mumsie, I snapped poor Hubby’s head off after he made an innocuous statement. He didn’t say a word at the time, bless him, but he did bring it up again that night when Mumsie...
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Monkey follow Master

Christina Souza Ma
I watched my little Zen master playing with my uncle the other day. Almost 90 years’ difference. I was shocked when I saw them both sticking their tongues out at each other in that naughty way that I am sure we all remember. I say that I was shocked because I have always taught my child that this sort of behaviour was not allowed, but what can I say now? Continue Reading: Monkey follow Master