Time for Yoga

Francesca Silva

Last week, my yoga-passionate cousin and her husband came for a visit. It was lovely to spend time with them and we all enjoyed ourselves, especially Mumsie, who is very close to her God-daughter.

One night, after everyone else had gone to bed, my cousin Jo and I had a wonderful chat about yoga – the whole mind, spirit and body aspect of it and how it has helped both of us so much. “I make it a point to find time to practice my yoga every day”, she said, “because I know how beneficial it is for me”. Then came her big question: “How often do you practice”?


Not often enough because I’m always so busy” was my feeble response. Well, that set my cousin off. “Make time – I’m busy too but I make time for my yoga because it’s important” she said. “There’s no point dieting and exercising on your treadmill if you don’t practice your yoga as well.

She’s right. I’ve been so busy making sure that I eat the right foods and get my exercise on the treadmill that yoga has fallen by the wayside. No wonder I’ve been feeling so out of sorts lately – I’ve been focusing only on my physical health and have neglected my mind and spirit.

My cousin’s suggestion was all the incentive I needed. The following morning, we woke early and practiced our yoga, loving every second of it.

They left a few days ago but I’ve been continuing my morning practice (miss sharing that special time with her). What a difference it’s made! So thanks, cuz, for nudging me in the right direction…

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