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What’s Good in Your life?

madoka kasahara
JapaneseFood_II.jpgJapanese people have always been very conscious about living a healthy lifestyle and eating balanced, nutritious meals. Being born and raised in Japan, I therefore had a very healthy childhood. I grew up in an area called Sapporo, which is famous for having the best and tastiest fish in the country! Every day, my mother cooked a balanced meal that included fish, vegetables, fruits, rice, miso soup, pickles, pork, and lamb – and...
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Sports Fan Turned Yoga Believer

derek kadota
Athletes and yogaThis is my first blog entry about Yoga class. At first, I was REALLY hesitant to even step foot into a Yoga Studio. Being an ex-athlete of basketball, soccer and baseball, I would always avoid doing any yoga, thinking that it was too feminine for me. Boy – was I ever proven wrong! (more…)

Free Yoga Class at Lululemon

madoka kasahara
Madoka at Lululemon Free Yoga ClassHave you ever been to a Lululemon store? It recently started up in Vancouver and is now everywhere – in the US, Canada, and even Australia. Lululemon not only has decent yoga clothing and accessories, but every store also offers a free yoga class to the public on Sunday mornings. (more…)

Finding the Right Yoga Instructor

madoka kasahara
Hanna HouseSince starting yoga in January, I’d been attending beginner’s classes with different instructors at different studios, trying to find an instructor who would make me feel comfortable while practicing my yoga. Every instructor I learned from was good, but I still felt something was missing. So I kept on trying different classes until, in March, I finally met the instructor who was right for me. Continue Reading: Finding the Right Yoga Instructor