Sports Fan Turned Yoga Believer

derek kadota

Athletes and yogaThis is my first blog entry about Yoga class. At first, I was REALLY hesitant to even step foot into a Yoga Studio. Being an ex-athlete of basketball, soccer and baseball, I would always avoid doing any yoga, thinking that it was too feminine for me. Boy – was I ever proven wrong!

I was lucky to attend my first yoga workout with my girlfriend. She’s been going to a Yoga House in Pasadena regularly, and she persuaded me to give it a try. During my first class, I carefully copied what everyone was doing (take off slippers, place them into a cubby hole, and sit patiently until the class starts). Everyone was dressed in typical yoga workout clothes – and here I was with a t-shirt and exercise pants (typical running outfit)! However, I knew right away that I would have no problem fitting in with the class, as long as I followed the teacher’s instructions.

Everyone started by grabbing a pair of foam blocks, a blanket, a pillow, and a strap, so I did the same. I then lay down and relaxed with everyone else until I heard the voice of the instructor, who asked if anyone was a first time member. I was a little shy about raising my hand until I noticed quite a few first-timers – I didn’t feel too bad then.

Well, halfway through the workout, I really felt that I needed to rest and take a breather. However, after taking a few sips of water, I managed to maintain my composure and carry on. I found the HARDEST stretch pose was the triangle pose, because I’d never tried to get my body to twist and turn in that position. My muscles were literally shaking throughout the entire workout.
At the end of the workout, the class needed to lie on their backs, and quietly rest and meditate their body. The next thing I knew, my girlfriend was waking me up – I’d fallen asleep and had been snoring away! I guess you could call that an embarrassing moment, but I took it in good humor, because my body obviously needed a well-deserved rest after that workout.

I’m now totally hooked on Yoga and can’t wait for my next workout!

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