Yoga Trip Part II: Membership Fee

madoka kasahara

Yoga Studio in JapanHere I was, back in Sapporo, my hometown, and at the yoga studio. I deliberately arrived 15 to 20 minutes before class so that I could get accustomed to the environment. Immediately, a receptionist came and asked if I was there to sign up to become a member. I told her that I couldn’t decide at the moment but would consider it. But she persisted, suggesting that I might be interested in joining because otherwise I’d have to pay $30 for a single class.

What?! That really surprised me, not only because I would have to pay to attend my first class, but also because the fee for a single class was so high.

From my research before leaving for Japan, I found out that the fee for a single class can range from anything between $20 to $35! And I also found out that this particular yoga studio I went to charges a one-time fee of $40 just to become a member. Once you’re a member, you then have options on how you want to pay for a monthly fee.

Here’s a sample list of the fee structure:
$55 – Once a week for four weeks
$70 – Twice a week for four weeks
$90 – You can attend as many classes as you like but there is an expiry date
$110 – Seven tickets within seven months

And that’s not all – you also have to pay $8 a year for insurance!

No matter how much I would have to pay, I’m still excited and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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