A Stretch for Gardeners

Paloma Chavez

Garden FlowersPracticing yoga is universal. And the profile of an individual who enjoys yoga is widely diverse. From athletes to toddlers, there is a form of yoga that can benefit every need.

And if you are an avid gardener who is looking for a way to relieve your sore knees or stressed back from all your outdoor activity, the DVD “Yoga for Gardeners” may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Gail Dubinsky, an orthopedic physician, yoga teacher and passionate gardener, has collaborated with Maile Arnold, a well-known Sonoma County garden designer, to introduce this unique yoga experience.

Gail, who is a specialist in soft tissue neuro-orthopedic injuries and adaptive/theraputic yoga, explains that “Our focus is to help prevent injuries and promote healing, while enhancing self care and optimum health”.

The DVD demonstrates how to adapt common bends and reaches that gardeners do into yoga stretches. It also shows a series of modified yoga poses that helps to alleviate common ailments that gardeners experience, such as shoulder and lower back pain.

So for all you passionate gardeners who find yourselves unable to do as much gardening as you’d like to because of various ailments, check out the Yoga for Gardeners DVD.

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