How I Started Yoga

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This is How My Soul Feels LikeMy new year’s resolution for 2008 was to start practicing yoga. Why? Well, I’d been thinking about doing yoga for many years but hadn’t known how to start. Perhaps some of you have experienced the same doubts I had – I didn’t know what yoga was about, so how could I decide what type of yoga would best suit me? How and where would I start practicing, and – the biggest hurdle – how would I learn to do all those yoga poses without humiliating myself in class?

I don’t exactly remember why I started looking into yoga. It could possibly be because I’d overheard that yoga was good for the mind, body and spirit. I do remember doing some online research into yoga classes in my area and coming across Yoga House Pasadena. I checked the price and class schedule, but before proceeding, I decided to ask some close friends for advice. Unfortunately, none of them had ever experienced yoga so I was discouraged from taking a class.

For years, I forgot about yoga until I met my future mentor, who practiced yoga regularly and even encouraged me to give it a try. At first, I couldn’t understand why everyone was always so enthusiastic about yoga. I wasn’t convinced that it was really beneficial and thought it was just the latest fad. However, the more and more involved I became with Yogis, the more interested I became in yoga. But I still didn’t start practicing because I had one final obstacle to overcome – my shyness.

Then a chronic problem in my neck re-surfaced, which left me in severe pain and totally unable to move my neck. As usual when this happened, I went to a chiropractor who helped me relieve the pain until I was able to move my neck. However, from past experience I knew that this treatment was temporary and my neck problem would return. At that point, I had what can truly be described as an “enlightened” moment – my intuition took over and directed me to seriously consider taking up yoga. As if to reaffirm my decision, my chiropractor, without knowing I was thinking about taking it up, suggested that yoga might help alleviate my neck problem.

So, early this year, I started looking for a beginner’s class. It had been such a long time since I’d done my research on yoga studios in my area that I’d completely forgotten about Yoga House Pasadena. But the yoga studio was still there and they had an excellent selection of classes to choose from, including the beginner’s one that I wanted.

The minute I stepped into the room for my first class, I felt an immediate connection between my life and yoga. Maybe my soul knew all along what was best for me and it was a matter of patiently waiting for my physical self to catch up.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point and I sometimes wonder why I was so resistant in the beginning, as the rewards are immeasurable. Now that I have started to practice yoga regularly, I’m happy and grateful to report that I no longer have any problems with my neck. Taking that first step toward yoga is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I look forward to nourishing my mind, body and spirit as I continue on my yoga journey.

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