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Challenges of an All-Level Class

madoka kasahara
MK_challanges_01.19.09.JPGLast night, I went to a yoga studio that I’d never tried before but have noticed for a long time because the studio is just a few blocks away from where I work. It’s much smaller than the one I always go to; this one is very neat and nicely decorated. The place made me feel comfortable and like I was at home. There is only one yoga room with probably the capacity to...

New Resolve

jane dagny
Sunrise Over LakeWe hear this every year don’t we? Yes, I’m talking about New Year's resolutions. Look at any top five or top ten list (including maybe your own), there’s got to be one up there about improving your health. Whether that means to exercise more, to lose weight or eat better, it all points to the desire to be physically and mentally healthier than the year before. I personally tend not to make...
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A Wii Bit of Fun

angie harris
AT_wii-fit_01.07.09.jpgRecently, over the holiday season, I had the rare opportunity to play with the Wii Fit. I am blessed with cousins who are younger than I am and they get access to the most current and trend-setting toys being offered today – and one of those was the Wii Fit. I had played a Wii only briefly before at friends’ houses. This time, I didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to jump in and play....
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My Wrist Makes Noises

jane dagny
Female HandsYes, my wrist does make noises. No doubt because I’m right-handed, that’s where I’m feeling the strain. Sure, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer while at work, typing away, moving my mouse around. By recent habit, I have the tendency to shake my hand when I feel stress in that area, which produces the unpleasant noise. I’m a little jarred by that and naturally, I waved my left...
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Stillness for the Overactive Mind

angie harris
AT_overactive-mind_12.24.08.jpgLately, I have been unable to sleep for hours on end. I just lie there in bed trying to fall asleep so that I can function for work the next day, but instead all I hear are my own jumbled stream of consciousness. "I need to do this and that tomorrow. If I go to the bank tomorrow morning rather than after work, I can get this done much faster. I need...

Hotel Yoga

Paloma Chavez
DC_Hotel-Yoga_12.22.08.JPGRecently, while trying to keep up with my practice on the road, I found that I had to exert a bit more discipline on that first early morning at the hotel. Was it the king-sized bed, or the wide selection of pillows, or the enticement of having breakfast delivered to me that kept me sleeping in a bit longer than planned? In my case, it was all of the...
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Close Your Eyes

jane dagny
Closed EyesTrying to meditate properly or with some success has sometimes reminded me of a time when I was a teenager and wanting to see an image from an optical illusion. I remember staring blurry-eyed at a darn poster made up of a series of lines and dots, never seeing an animal or a flower emerge. Then someone just strolls by and says "Woah, did you see the cat?" Great. Am I looking at...
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Podcasts: A Portable Yoga Alternative

Segovia Smith
SS_iPhone_12.15.08.jpgI've been doing a lot more traveling in the past few months and find myself often out of my natural settings. At first, I told myself a variety of different excuses as to why it was inconvenient to keep up my regular yoga practice. Things like; "it's too cold to go outside," "I'm too busy to find a local studio," "I don't have my mat with me" and...

Reflection on Routine

Paloma Chavez
DC_Routine_12.12.08.jpgThis past week, I have had a stream of old friends reappear in my life. Through e-mail or letters, they’ve spoken of how their lives have been shaping up and what they still aim to accomplish in the years ahead. One was experiencing a recent death in their family, which caused them to begin the “Life is moving so quickly” reflection. Another was grumbling about the onset of muscle and joint aches...
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