Yoga for Board Sports – Part 1

jane dagny

JA_YogaforBoard_12.24.05.jpgIf my older brothers were generation X, then my generation might as well be called generation X-Treme. Skateboarding, Surfing, Snowboarding…board sports are at the core of today’s youth culture. When the chance arose to check out Peggy Hall’s “Yoga for Board Sports” DVD, I was all over it.

From a beginner’s standpoint, it was really easy to get into this DVD as the poses are well explained and clearly shown. The first section is the Pre-Ride warm up which is designed to get you warmed up for the water, snow or street.


Wow, one thing I liked about Peggy’s instruction was the constant relation to board sports and Yoga. As a “boarder” myself, I could really understand what was happening and it also gave me a boost in interest as the poses got harder to do.

Whew, it was harder than it looked!

Peggy stresses the importance of safety, which is nice and that it’s not about “being perfect” but being present. Nice. I would highly recommend “Yoga for Board Sports” for the board sports set.

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