My Wrist Makes Noises

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Female HandsYes, my wrist does make noises. No doubt because I’m right-handed, that’s where I’m feeling the strain. Sure, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer while at work, typing away, moving my mouse around. By recent habit, I have the tendency to shake my hand when I feel stress in that area, which produces the unpleasant noise. I’m a little jarred by that and naturally, I waved my left hand the same way as a test. That one is fine. Yeah, it sounds like someone cracking their knuckles or their neck. I know this is not good.

I decided to let my fingers do a little more work and search online for clues or remedies, and to find out if this is a sign of something potentially more serious. I figured if the pressure on my wrist has anything to do with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), I’m going to do what I can to alleviate this problem while I’m still young. I have a bunch of things yet to accomplish. I paint, I draw – I do lots with my hands. If I have to start learning how to be ambidextrous, I will.

But before I go acquiring that skill, I’ll have to see what preventative measures are available. First off, I’m glad to realize that my symptoms are not serious. I’ve discovered that there are several things patients with CTS could do: massage, hot/cold pads, splintering, surgery, and/or yoga. I like the last one, but of course this means something different for every level of severity. About 10 years ago, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) did a study on CTS. The result from having divided 42 patients into 2 groups, one with a splinter and usual treatment, the other with a full-body yoga regimen, was that yoga group showed significant signs of improvement in hand strength and grip. The study shows that doing yoga with focus on the upper body and the inclusion of stretches and correct alignments of the wrist, arms and shoulders, is helpful in treating CTS.

Awesome! Of course, this way of aligning the body will relieve stressed areas. I’ll certainly modify yoga poses that don’t put pressure on my wrist, but hey, this is still good news. If it sounds good to anyone else reading this, make sure you know your body and that you consult with a professional before bending and twisting (John gives good advice on safety tips on his blogs).

I wonder how the JAMA patients are doing now; it’s been 10 years! If you are out there, drop me a note.

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