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Daily Yoga at YogaHub HQ

Segovia Smith
resolutions.jpgI find it strange that, when I start telling people that we are now providing a daily yoga class to our team here at YH-HQ, most of their eyes light up because they are so envious that their employer or work place doesn’t offer something similar. Then they proceed to share with me about some other friend or colleague of theirs who also has a health benefit...
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Morning Yoga

jane dagny
lake-meditation.jpgThese past few weeks have been quite stressful. Along with being busy here at YogaHub, as well as dealing with projects outside of work, my Grandfather was hospitalized last weekend with Pneumonia. When I can make it to our recent morning Yoga class with Christina, it really helps me relax, unwind, and then energize my mind and body. I think sometimes I forget that our bodies and minds are one and...
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Give Your Eyes a Break

angie harris
eye-exercise.jpgI got Epi-Lasik surgery done a little over a year and a half ago. Since then, I have been very diligent about taking care of my eyes (after all, I did pay a hefty sum to be able to see clearly now). Last week, Christina conducted a yoga session that exercised the eyes. Which got me thinking, how often do we take care of our eyes? Continue Reading: Give Your Eyes a Break