Sun Salutations at Work

angie harris

yoga-at-work.jpgThis week we had our first company yoga session – a series of Sun Salutations.

Christina made us do it:)

Actually, even though Christina really did make us do it, it was for the betterment of ourselves and our spines. Throughout the months of our weekly meetings, she noticed that all of our spines were starting to cave in. In other words, we were seriously slouching.

So at 10 am, all of us gathered around the meeting area and set up our yoga mats to begin our yoga session.

We began with began with Mountain Pose.

WOW!” I said to myself as I immediately felt my spine get a little longer. Our hands were up in the air and we all stretched just a little bit further towards the sky. Right hand, then left hand. Again, I felt like I had just grown another two inches.

As we continued on with the sequence, it was interesting for me to notice the ongoing changes in my spine.

After we finished the session, we all wrapped up our yoga mats and sat at the meeting table. Immediately, I noticed a difference among my fellow co-workers. We were all much more alert and not suffering from the morning grogginess that we sometimes come in with.

Maybe Christina’s on to something with this company yoga session!

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