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Segovia Smith

resolutions.jpgI find it strange that, when I start telling people that we are now providing a daily yoga class to our team here at YH-HQ, most of their eyes light up because they are so envious that their employer or work place doesn’t offer something similar. Then they proceed to share with me about some other friend or colleague of theirs who also has a health benefit or corporate fitness program.

Yes, it all sounds wonderful but, as the saying goes, “talk is cheap!” – and I wonder just how many people, if given the same opportunity, would actually commit and stick to a workout, yoga or exercise routine with any regularity, be it daily or even just once or twice a week.

Sure, we all get excited and of course everyone votes to have better health care, especially when it comes to a complimentary daily yoga class. But why is it that after just one week of starting, over 80% to 90% of us fall off this train, get derailed and return right back to our usual daily habits (which tend not to include enough movement or exercise)?

This is the same phenomenon the entire world suffers from come January 1st. We make a commitment – usually to ourselves – that we’re going to “get in shape,” “work out twice week,” or just “start walking for 30 minutes a day.”

So what separates those who CAN from those who CAN’T? Is it something in our DNA? Why is it that some people can religiously wake up at the crack of dawn and get to the gym five days a week, while the rest of us are plagued by the constant and seemingly addictive “snooze button?

So where do you stand? Do you find sticking to a workout or yoga schedule almost as difficult as trying to fight gravity? Or are you one of those blessed few who can commit to and follow through with some kind of regularity when it comes to your personal health program or fitness routine?

If you’re in the latter group, please share your secrets by commenting below. And if you’re in the former group, perhaps you’ve got some additional insights or light to shed on this strange pattern.

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Author: Segovia Smith

Segovia is not only known as one of the forerunners of the Internet Marketing world, but is also highly recognized and respected for his accelerated learning and teaching style. He began his career developing for the web in 1996.

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