‘Tis the Season

jane dagny

christmas-cookies.jpgOk, I love the holidays. Why? Because of the FOOD. I love holiday food (well…food in general). The sweets, ciders, chocolates, wine and spirits, ham, turkey…the list goes on and on.

The only bummer is that as I get older my metabolism is definitely slowing down. This year I had a special plan. Before every Christmas party or dinner I would play basketball. And not like ‘shoot around’ basketball with myself. I would play full pick-up games, meaning the intensity level of physical exertion would be high equaling burning more calories. Calories that I would gladly replace in a few hours!

Happy Holidays everyone – and eat, eat, EAT![tags]holiday season, christmas, holiday food, special dishes, christmas party, christmas dinner, basketball, calories[/tags]

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