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This Year I Promise…

Paloma Chavez
DC_new-year-promise_01.09.08.jpgAnd so the list-making begins. Before the first of the year, just after the first of the year, or perhaps six months into the year, we race to set our sights on achieving an insurmountable list of “to do’s.” I am not saying lists are bad; they can be very productive and a reminder that we still believe in hope and can generate faith. For myself, this coming year I foresee more time to be...
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Francesca Silva
AMGT_new-yoga-year_01.08.09.JPGSo there I was, at a New Year’s party where, apart from my husband and my mother, I didn’t know anyone except my cousin, who was hosting the party. The other guests, although friendly and sociable, spent most of the time chatting about hockey and their children. Having no interest in hockey and no children, this left me at somewhat of a disadvantage but I persevered with the small talk, trying to find something...
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A Peaceful Yoga Christmas

Francesca Silva
AMGT_Christmas_12.25.081.jpgAh, Christmas...a time of cheer, goodwill to all and joy to the world. Wait – what planet am I visiting from?! If we listen to all the panic around us, we’ll hear that retail is in a decline in this economic downturn. Well, it probably is but I wouldn’t have thought so when I was at the mall yesterday. (more…)
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Rise to the Challenge

Paloma Chavez
DC_Seva-Challange.JPGPoverty is all around us. Perhaps some of us are fortunate enough not to have it right on our doorstep, but we’ve all seen and read about the devastating conditions that many people live in. And I’m sure, like me, you’ve often wondered what you – as only one person – can do to help alleviate all this suffering. (more…)
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A Gentle Journey

Paloma Chavez
YahWeh Yoga DVDThere is often a great deal of controversy surrounding yoga when it is offered in church centers. This is due to the perception that yoga is being promoted as a “religious” practice. However, many people of varied faiths have found a way to understand and accept yoga for its physical benefits while managing to infuse their own spiritual practices. (more…)
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Christian Yoga Classes

Paloma Chavez
chrstyoga.jpgThroughout this year we have heard many reports and personal stories of how the Christian Church has wrestled and in some case discouraged members who want to practice yoga. Some churches have turned out a children’s exercise class because it was perceived to include yoga excerpts. There were also instances where school districts that were wanting to bring yoga as an alternative offering for physical education was railed against by local Christian families....
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Yoga Teacher and Minister

Paloma Chavez
janetuma1.jpgJane Tuma is deepening her life on many levels. Her love and commitment to a yoga practice came from her desire to find a solution to her stressful job as a CPA. In an article from YogaChicago resource guide, we learn about Jane Tuma and her journey from CPA to Iyengar Yoga and to Presbyterian minister. (more…)
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Kirtan Madness

Margaret Kruszewska
KirtanTo lift my spirits, I sing. And this month - with mercury in retrograde and the fire season in California and a summer of strange and wobbly changes that have affected my bank account, my health and my confidence - I've been singing a lot! (more…)
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