Christian Yoga Classes

Paloma Chavez
chrstyoga.jpgThroughout this year we have heard many reports and personal stories of how the Christian Church has wrestled and in some case discouraged members who want to practice yoga. Some churches have turned out a children’s exercise class because it was perceived to include yoga excerpts. There were also instances where school districts that were wanting to bring yoga as an alternative offering for physical education was railed against by local Christian families.

More and more often we have come across a few DVD’s that have created a practice geared toward a Christian faith. We recently heard of a community center in Greenwich, CT that is now offering Christian yoga.

For Christians who are interested in combining their faith and a yoga practice are now welcomed at the Father O’Conner Center. Christian yoga is being offered twice a week where a local report in The Advocate describes it as a place to “Reconnect, reflect and create space for God’s voice through yoga postures, Christian music and mediation.” If Connecticut happens to be to far, Outstretched in Worship offers a listing of Christ-centered yoga classes at their website.

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