A New Life Found Through Yoga

Paloma Chavez

menyoga.jpgIn Johannesburg, South Africa a tough love program with juvenile drug offenders has included yoga as a path to recovery.  Many youth have become addicted to a new “drug cocktail” called Sugars. This is a lethal combination of rat poison, heroin and cocaine.

In an article from the The Times, young offenders are being offered a six-week program with Anti –Drug Forum Wellness Centre. The founder of the program Sam Pillay quotes, the Art of Living Foundation whose motto is “Violence ends where love begins.”

Through holistic treatments that include exercise, psychotherapy, an arts program and a regular yoga practice, these young people are finding a new healthy path. According to one of the young men “ I am glad I have this place to come to every day. The yoga relaxes me and I have people to turn to when I need support or advice.”

Throughout the six weeks of intensive work physically and emotionally the group has also come to accept their personal responsibility for their crimes. Which for most is the crucial step in their recovery. According to the founder Sam Pillay  “We want to show these youngsters that there is a normal life out there.”
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