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Soup Kitchen

Francesca Silva
Once a week, Mumsie and I go to our local church to help prepare sandwiches and hot food, which we then serve to the homeless. Someone once criticized our efforts at the soup kitchen, saying we were just doing it to make ourselves feel good. Well, that’s true – in a way we are doing it so that we feel good about ourselves. But if feeling good about ourselves can...
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“New Age” Neti

Francesca Silva
Now that I’ve become a self-proclaimed enthusiastic expert in using my Neti Pot, I’ve been on the lookout for someone to share this great experience with. And – all joking aside – it really is a great experience. I don’t even think twice about going through the process every night, now that it’s become part of my ritual. I’m convinced that Neti has helped alleviate my headaches, lower my high...
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Waking up to the BLUE MOON

Christina Souza Ma
blue-moon.jpgHave you ever woken up to the moon before? Yes, you read right. Waking up to the Moon! Well, I just did. At first, I assumed it was the sun and thought “how odd” because I was looking towards the West. Then I made out the lines of the moon and was mesmerized by its beauty. (more…)
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Christmas. . . Merry We Are!

Christina Souza Ma
christmas-gift.jpgWow, I still cannot believe that moment is Christmas Day! Time is flying by so What gifts? I thought I was better prepared this year but, that being said, I have not even had a moment to pack a thing, ship out a thing. I just got enough packaged for midnight and that was it. We celebrate at midnight. (more…)

Merry Christmas!

Francesca Silva
merry-christmas2.jpgI would like to take this moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, although I was recently told that I’m supposed to say “Happy Holidays” instead. Why can’t I wish people a “Merry Christmas?” I realize that it’s not considered politically correct to use that phrase because it’s a Christian one and not everyone is a Christian. So, whenever someone wishes me “Happy Holidays,” I thank them...
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All I Want for Christmas…

Francesca Silva
family-picture.jpgIt’s that time of year again. You know - time to spread love and joy and peace and harmony... What planet am I from?! Have you been Christmas shopping yet? Where’s the love, the joy, the peace, the harmony? Never mind that - where’s the nearest pub...I need a drink to fortify myself for Christmas shopping (and I don’t even drink)! (more…)
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A Lesson in Compassion

amy cheryl
sisiters.jpgSo, I find that every time I visit with my family, I am offered the most wonderful gifts in self growth. This has not always been the case as in the past I wasn’t open to receiving this gift. However, I now recognize the concept that EVERYTHING in our lives is an opportunity for us to grow and learn from, and this belief has become integrated into my system. Recently, my sisters came from Colorado...
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Are You Sick or Just Detoxing?

Christina Souza Ma
flu.jpgThis has been quite the week. My son had a runny nose and fever, while my partner had a high fever and was coughing all day and night. Luckily, my body has fared very well through all the detoxing that is happening around me. That’s what I tend to call it - detoxing. Why, some might ask? Especially in light of this H1N1 scare that has affected the nation. Continue Reading: Are You Sick or Just Detoxing?