Nature’s Beauty

Francesca Silva

natures beauty.jpgAs I mentioned in my last blog, we had fabulous weather most of the time while we were at the lake, but there was one night midway through the week when we were treated to a spectacular display of thunder and lightning.

It started with a low rumble of thunder in the evening, just after we’d started the small campfire for the kids to toast marshmallows. The tentative rumbling continued for a while and then grew more persistent.

Kids, there’s a storm coming – campfire needs to be put out now please.” No complaints from any of them. Instead, they all pitched in the make sure the campfire was completely out and everything was put away – great kids.

And perfect timing.

Just when we were done, there was a great “BOOM” of thunder – and then the lightning started. We all stood on the deck of our cabin and watched as the entire lake lit up every time the lightning struck. It was awesome. We could actually see the lightning bolts as they hit the water – and each spectacular display was greeted with “oooohhhsss” and “aaahhhhhssss” from all of us.

It really made us appreciate the magnificence of Mother Nature.

It also made us very conscious of her temperamental side. We adults were more than a little concerned about the dry storm as there were plenty of trees surrounding us – all it would take was for one lightning bolt to hit some of those trees and everything would go up in flames.

However, Mother Nature obviously decided to respond to our fears because all of a sudden the sky literally seemed to open up (now I know what people mean when they say that!) and the rain poured down in cascades! A different type of beauty – but breathtaking nonetheless.

Once the rain started, we all took refuge indoors and had a great time playing charades. As homage to Mother Nature, we decided on an “earth” theme – and it was hysterical how imaginative we all were!

Early the next morning, the rain had stopped and we were greeted with a beautiful rainbow on the lake – a perfect start to another beautiful day, courtesy of Mother Nature.[tags]mother nature, beauty, camping, storm, raining, rainbow, lake, relaxation, breathtaking[/tags]

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