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Yoga for a Hangover

jane dagny
hangover.jpgWell, I had quite a rough weekend. Hung over does not begin to describe the aftermath of Saturday night. I know, I know. It doesn’t happen often but hey…nothing I can do about it now. With my head pounding on Sunday, I wondered if there was any way to speed my recovery. I drank a ton of water, tried in vain to eat, and spent hours in the shower, practically sleeping as the water fell...
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Laughing at Stupid

angie harris
left-foot.jpgI have a very old pair of athletic shoes that are decently worn out. The padding on them is pretty minimal after so many years of usage, but they are still comfortable. Nothing compares to an old reliable pair of shoes. The other day, I went to the local convenience store and picked up some Dr. Scholl’s foot padding to help with the comfort. I put them in my shoes that night so that I...
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Dude, That’s My Car

elbert traister
CarJumping.jpgSo, my weekend was pretty packed with events. I had youth group as usual on Friday night since I’m a counselor. Saturday, the craziness began. I worked out with a friend, and then headed over to church to help out another friend with a school photo project. We had taken 35 shots of the 36 non-digital roll, and we were stuck on what to do for the last one. I have a penchant for trying...
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Blog Connection

jane dagny
Blog KeyI haven’t blogged in a while, but it seems that you guys have been kept entertained with personal insights from our family of contributors.
I’ve been contemplating the idea of blogging, and how we are able to connect with one another through the common topic of yoga and just life in general. We have some readers from other parts of the world and some from home. The universal language we share is experience....
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Celebrity Yoga?

elbert traister
celebrity-yoga.jpgThe Los Angeles Dodgers recently had an event where fans had the opportunity to do a yoga workout, taught by Andre Ethier, the right fielder, on the grass in Dodger Stadium. This is quite a unique marketing tactic that has become more common in an economy where profits have dwindled for most businesses. Of course, the use of celebrities to attract customers and money is nothing new....
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Incentives to Keep Up Your Yoga

jane dagny
Piggy BankAt a time when more mom-and-pop stores of all types are closing because people are spending less money, businesses that are staying afloat are finding ways to earn your business and help you save money. During this downturn in the economy, we are even seeing big business disappear. For those that are going strong and still operating, they are changing with the times. They are offering huge incentives and benefits to customers. ...

Yoga Studio Hunt

jane dagny
Magnifying Glass on EarthAre any of you having trouble trying to find a good yoga studio? We know that when it comes to buying things or looking for services, the best source is often a friend’s recommendation. But what if your friend knows nothing about your area and has never been to a yoga studio in your city? If that’s the case, there are several things you could try, but it’s going to take...
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Yoga and Prison

derek kadota
Man in PrisonI recently read an article in the LA Times about an ongoing battle of California prison inmates’ constitutional rights and their ability to get taxpayer-funded yoga rooms in the prison facilities. (more…)
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